Nonsuch Primary School

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Wood Leasow, Woodgate Valley,
Birmingham B32 3SE


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At Nonsuch Primary School we aim to:


  • Provide a safe, comfortable and caring environment where optimum learning takes place
  • Provide clear guidance for children, staff and parents of expected levels of behaviour
  • Use a consistent and calm approach
  • Ensure all adults take responsibility for managing behaviour and follow-up incidents personally
  • Ensure all adults use consistent language to promote positive behaviour and
  • Use restorative approaches instead of punishments


Through the behaviour policy, children are encouraged to take responsibility for their own behaviour and choices. All school staff use the policy fairly and consistently thereby contributing to a positive ethos where praise and recognition for work and personal qualities is commonplace. 

We recognise that clear structure of predictable outcomes have the best impact on behaviour. Our principle sets out the rules, relentless routines and visible consistencies that all children and staff follow. It is based on the work of Paul Dix and his book ‘When the adults change, everything changes’. Good behaviour is recognised sincerely rather than just rewarded. Children are praised publicly and reminded in private.

 Each classroom has a behaviour board which contains a zone board and the school rules (ready, responsible and respectful). Zone boards consist of 4 zones: outstanding, 3R’s, reflecting and consequences. Children are rewarded for finishing the day in the outstanding or role model zones. 


 Behaviour policy