Nonsuch Primary School

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Wood Leasow, Woodgate Valley,
Birmingham B32 3SE


We are now consulting on the Admission Arrangements for 2023-2024. Please check our admissions page to read the policy. A copy is also available from the school office.


At Nonsuch Primary School, we believe that education is important because it provides our children with the skills needed for life. In order to gain these skills, children need to attend school regularly and punctually – this is both for academic and social reasons.

As a school we will work closely with children, parents and the local community to resolve attendance issues.

It is the responsibility of parents to ensure that their child attends school on time, unless there is an authorised reason for their absence.

A number of incentives are in place to promote good attendance; these include:

End of term certificates and a book prize for 100% attendance.
Weekly attendance assembly.

A reward for the class with the highest attendance each half term.
Display board in the entrance to celebrate good attendance.

The school's current target for attendance is 96%.


Nonsuch Primary School follow DFE guidance on attendance and Birmingham County Council Policy on term time absence.


Attendance Policy for Nonsuch Primary School April 2019.pdf


Well done to Year 3 who had 96.9% attendance last week.  

The whole school attendance was 92.3%


 Attendance Data 2020-2021

Attendance Data Autumn 1

Reception 94.7%
Year 1  90.7%
Year 2 89.3%
Year 3  94.9%
Year 4 93.8%
Year 5 95.8%
Year 6 91.2%
Total  92.8%

Attendance Data 2019-2020 

Attendance Spring Term 1

Reception 93.3%
Year 1 92.4%
Year 2 98.1%
Year 3 96.9%
Year 4 96.5%
Year 5  95.6%
Year 6  97.2%
Total  95.6%


Attendance Autumn Term 1                                                      Attendance Autumn Term 2

Reception  92.9% Reception 89.2%
Year 1 95.9% Year 1 91.4%
Year 2 95% Year 2 93.9%
Year 3 97% Year 3 94.5%
Year 4 94.7% Year 4 96.1%
Year 5 98% Year 5 96.1%
Year 6 94.2% Year 6 96.1%
Total  95.4% Total  93.9%

Fines to the value of £1047 have been issued to parents of Nonsuch pupils this year by the Local Authority. 

Please ensure your child attends school regularly and avoid taking leave in term-time unless there are exceptional circumstances.