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Wood Leasow, Woodgate Valley,
Birmingham B32 3SE


Please check out the winning posters on our attendance page. Well done to everyone!

Pupil of the Month 2023/2024

Each month, every class votes for one person to be their 'Pupil of the Month'! This pupil is someone who has consistently displayed the Nonsuch Values. 

Pupil of the month 2023/2024


Reception: Oatile   
Year 1: Adrieyl   
Year 2: Evie   
Year 3: Oanaa   
Year 4: Patrick  
Year 5: Hagar   
Year 6: Tara 


December: Ava

Year 1: Eli

Year 2: Lexi

Year: 3 Lusayo

Year 4: Noman

Year 5: Poppy

Year 6: Sanvi


Reception: Ollie 
Year 1: Amira 
Year 2: Uchechukwu   
Year 3: Alyssia   
Year 4: Sameena
Year 5: Jason   
Year 6: Ketsia


Reception: Roux   
Year 1: Ilwad   
Year 2: Kinshu   
Year 3: Oanaa   
Year 4: Jessica
Year 5:  Raphael   
Year 6: Yusra


Reception: Aariya   

Year 1: Ava 

Year 2: Kimberly  

Year 3: Chloe 

Year 4: Izzy  

Year 5: Dennis  

Year 6: Liana