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Wood Leasow, Woodgate Valley,
Birmingham B32 3SE


We are now consulting on the Admission Arrangements for 2023-2024. Please check our admissions page to read the policy. A copy is also available from the school office.



The core knowledge and skills have been chosen to aid pupil’s understanding of art. At Nonsuch, children are exposed to a range of art forms, this allows them to develop and master a range of techniques and skills. Threads of art have been carefully mapped to ensure knowledge and skills are interrelated over time. These threads include: Drawing, Paint Sculpture, Textiles, Print and Collage. By carefully mapping out the sequence of knowledge of great artists, skills, and the threads of art forms, pupils at Nonsuch gain a depth of knowledge and a range of skills throughout their primary experience.



We are pleased to be working towards achieving the  Arts Mark.  The topic is called Me: the Artist and Maker and will focus on textiles with an element of printing. The work will tie in with what the eco-warriors already do and will focus on skills progression for both children and staff.


Arts Mark: 7 principles 

  1. Striving for excellence and innovation 
  2. Being authentic 
  3. Being exciting, inspiring and engaging 
  4. Ensuring a positive and inclusive approach 
  5. Actively involving children and young people 
  6. Enabling personal progression 
  7. Developing ownership and belonging