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A Message to the children



Dear Children,
It is a very strange time when we must close our beautiful school to make sure that we keep ourselves safe. As always, you have made us very proud, especially over the last few weeks and have demonstrated our Nonsuch Values.  You have shown:

Respect in the need to follow instructions to ensure that all our Nonsuch Family have been protected from the spread of germs, which could make them very ill;

Responsibility by making sure you have followed our handwashing procedures to prevent the spread of germs (even when your hands have been sore);

Responsible by finding new ways to overcome difficulties such as elbow bumps instead of High 5 to show how impressed you are with your friends and classmates.

We hope that in the coming few weeks, you will continue to demonstrate these core values. 


We hope that you will find ways to carry out acts of kindness towards the vulnerable members of our community and be able to reflect on the challenges that you are encountering, whilst understanding the possibilities the positive changes to our culture and lifestyles which may be borne out of this moment in time.


Children, you are the heartbeat of our school and we will really miss seeing you each and every day; however, we hope you understand that we will be keeping the school open for some of your friends, whose parents are key workers in ensuring everyone’s safety, well-being and health.

To our gorgeous Year Six,  you have been an amazing cohort and even though the current situation may result in a premature ending to your primary school rest assured that you are, and always will be, a valued and loved member of the Nonsuch family. You have worked exceptionally hard towards your Statutory Assessment Tests (SATs) and now they will not go ahead. We know the skills you have; we know how hard you have worked and we thank you for that.

We are not sure when things will get back to ‘normal’ but please be rest assured that all your teachers and teaching assistants will continue to provide you with the learning you need to do each day, for as long as is needed.


Each day, it is important that you get up as normal and get dressed. It is important that you do the tasks set for you, as your learning is important and will help you in your future.


Remember that you need to think about your parents as they will need to do some work too. If you are able, try to work as independently as you can and do what you are asked to do straight away.

Sometimes you may feel unsure about what is going on and how long you will need to learn from home. This may cause you to have big feelings and cause you to worry. Remember to talk to your parents if you are finding things tricky and they will help you through it.

We will get through this. We will learn and grow from this experience.

Take care and we will see you very soon.
Lots of love from,

All the staff at Nonsuch 


Remember: Working Together We All Achieve