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Reading for Pleasure

We offer pupils a knowledge-led curriculum driven by a love of reading.  Children are regularly involved in reading workshops that provide children with a rich reading experience that incorporates individual, paired, group and whole-class reading.  Evidence shows that children who chose to read are three times more likely to read at a level than that expected for their age than their peers (National Literacy Trust: 2017). At Nonsuch,  we want all our children to leave the school as independent and life-long readers who have reading preferences and can express their opinions about what they have read.


An adult reads to children day. Teachers take time to read a variety of non-fiction, poetry and class novels to model reading for pleasure. It is important that children enjoy reading and also have the opportunity to experience books from classic, modern and a diverse range of authors


Children have a free choice library book. This supports them to develop their own reading preferences and also share a book with their adults at home. 


Children have the opportunity to free-read.  These sessions are led by the children’s reading preferences.


Reading at home. We encourage regular reading at home to maintain and extend their learning and each child has a reading record book that logs books they have read and comments about their reading. Parents and teaching staff write in this book. . In Key Stage Two, children are given more responsibility for making their own reading choices from the excellent reading resources we have in class and in the school library.   


Please click on the link below for 10 top tips for parents to support children to read.


Click on the link below for Recommended Reads for every year group: 


The children are given opportunities to develop their reading (decoding) skills and comprehension skills. At Nonsuch Primary, we use the Reading Domains to shape our lessons. In EYFS we do Reading Practice Sessions three times per week and in Year 1 and 2 there is a mixture of Reading Practice Sessions and whole class reading.  Year 3 upwards it is through whole class reading. 


Teachers explicitly teach children to:

  • Retrieve information (domain b)
  • Work out the meanings of words in context explain the impact language has on a reader (domains a and g)
  • Infer and predict (domains d and e)
  • Sequence and summarise information and events (domain c)
  • Make comparisons between elements of a text and other texts they have read (domain h)
  • Formulate questions to clarify information (metacognition)
  • Make connections within and beyond the text (activating prior knowledge)


Comprehension and fluency is also developed through listening children read 1:1. 

Reading and writing are so closely linked that we use a variety of high quality literature to feed reading into writing, where children can learn and build their knowledge from high quality examples.

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Rocket Words

Reception and Year 1 Rocket Words focus on the 100 High Frequency words with the aim that by the end of Year 1 being  able to read automatically all the words in the list of 100 high-frequency words; and accurately spell most of the words in the list of 100 high-frequency words’

Rockets 1-5 (Phase 2).pdf

Rockets 6-14 (Phase 3).pdf

Rockets 15-18 (Phase 4).pdf

Rockets 19-25(Phase